Please check back for 2017 event date
and information in Fall of 2016. 


About Us

Redwood Comedy Festival
Fortuna, California

2016 Event Cancelled. 

The Fortuna Business Improvement District will be hosting a comedy festival in the City of Fortuna as a fundraiser for the Business Improvement District. Last year we held a very successful eight (8) hour festival at the Fortuna River Lodge.
This year we would like to grow the event to a two day festival. We will feature 40+ comedians Friday night and Saturday 15+ comedians.

Last year thanks to grants, sponsors, ticket sales and comedian submissions we just about broke even. This year we will be growing the festival with the hopes it will become a fundraiser for FBID. The funds raised will allow FBID funds to promote and market Fortuna, our businesses and our events. 

This year we will have multiple venues, throughout the city, host comedy shows on Friday night. The Redwood Comedy Festival will provide each venue with the comedians, emcee, security and volunteers to sell tickets. The Comedy Fest Committee will select comedians to perform Saturday for the BIG show at the River Lodge.

FYI - Fortuna Rotary's Art and Wine in the Park will take place on Sunday - in case you want to stay an extra night in Fortuna!   

If you have any questions about this submission process, email booking@redwoodcomedyfest.com. If you have any questions about the Fortuna Business Improvement District please email fbid@fortunabusiness.com.


This is a comedy festival and we want everyone to have fun!

  • Last year we charged comedians $25.00 to submit to preform... WE WILL BE CHARGING AGAIN THIS YEAR! 
  • Something Comedians should know:

    • We are making the event a two day festival.
    • Comedians selected to preform, will do two sets Friday night, the first set between 8pm-10pm and then again from 10:30pm-12:30am (at the same venue)
    • Shuttles will help move event goers around town from venue to venue. However, we are recommending you have two sets prepared (each set will be between 10-15 minutes)
    • All venues will be running at the same time.
    • Saturday night we will offer one set at River Lodge, but not to everyone.
    • This year we will have comedians as the MC's for each venue (Friday) and at River Lodge (Saturday)
    • We have funding for hotel rooms, so each comedian selected will have a two nights stay in Fortuna!
      • The comedians that were selected to preform will be provided;
        • two night stay at a local hotel room ($250 value),
        • A drink ticket for saturday ($10 value),
        • Dinner Friday and Saturday Night 
        • and a kick ass green room  Saturday (priceless).
  • This is an 18 and over event and id is requred at the door (Saturday).
  • Some venues will be 21 and over ONLY on Friday night!
  • You may come and go as you please once you get your offical wristband and or ticket.
  • Comedians must be at the manditory meeting Friday and Saturday night or your time slot will be filled.
  • If you do not respect the other comedians by going over your time limit you will not be welcomed back in 2016.
  • I'm sure we will add to this list ... but better something on this page rather than nothing!

Here are some Do's and Don't of Comedy Club/Event Etiquette (Pulled off an articel found online):

The Basics: Light & Noise Discipline

Cell phones: Turn them off or set them to vibrate. Never take a phone call during the show. If it can’t wait, find a place away from the show to take the call.
Conversation: Keep it quiet and under thirty seconds. Voices carry, even over a sound system. Let other people hear the show, your friends will still be there to talk to when the show is over.
No Flash Photography: It distracts and disorients everyone.
Do Not Heckle the Comedian: Heckling is interrupting the performance to upstage, disparage, or throw off the comedian. It is never acceptable, and the quickest way to ruin the show for everyone. It is also the quickest way to be humiliated in front of everyone.
Do Not Interrupt the Comedian: The common excuse for this is “I’m helping the comedian.” Comedians are professionals, they do not need help. That “help” just derails the show and wastes everyone’s time, same as heckling. Exception: If a comedian directly engages you in conversation, you are a-ok to respond. Some of the best comedy happens this way, and can make for a memorable experience. Be ready to let it go when the bit is over.

Standard Etiquette

No Recording the Show: Same as a band, recording a stand-up routine violates the comic’s copyright on his material. Worse yet, a less-than-stellar performance some jerk puts up on the web can hurt the comic’s career. The infamous Michael Richards video is an extreme (arguably justified in this rare case) example of footage released by a third party that ruins the performer’s career.